Recipe: Delicious Instant Ching’s Hakka noodles #dormfoodCompare

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Instant Ching’s Hakka noodles 
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program of Instant Ching’s Hakka noodles #dormfood

  1. a little 300 grams of Ching’s pack of noodles.
  2. a little of Chicken (little pieces).
  3. also of Capcisum, carrot,onions, cabbage if u like.
  4. also 2-3 tbs of Shezwan sauce or tomato sauce.
  5. use of Oil to fry vegetables.
  6. a little of Salt & black pepper as per taste.
  7. a little Dash of veniger or lime juice 1 tablespoon.
  8. Prepare 1/2 teaspoon of Ginger fresh or powder.

Instant Ching’s Hakka noodles #dormfood singly

  1. Firstly boil noodles as per packet instructions & set aside.
  2. Now chop all vegetables roughly & fry for five minutes let the church be there don’t fry it completely just half fry it add chopped ginger or ginger power.
  3. Once the vegetables are done add the noodles then give it a stir to mix well.
  4. Then add sauce & veniger mix it then add chicken stir fried.
  5. To fry chicken breast small pieces then chop it to 1 inch strips then fry with ginger garlic paste & salt, black pepper & turmeric powder fry it golden..
  6. When everything is set all together in a bowl then serve it hot with a soft drink & enjoy the lovely delicious mouth drooling recipe from Chinese [email protected] home !!!!! Pin down & save my recipe to try over @ ur place with ur loved ones....